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TD5 EGR Blank Off Kit


Fitting of the EGR blank off kit ensures a smoother, unrestricted, clean and cool airflow into the engine, which helps to improve power and torque.

Also available for TDV6.

The EGR system is a simple but problematic emissions reducing device introduced to reduce NOx emissions. The theory behind the EGR system is that by reducing the oxygen levels inside the combustion chamber, Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions are reduced. In order for this to be done, exhaust gases are redirected back into the intake manifold via the EGR. An EGR will make you use more fuel, give less power, cause carbon build-up in the intake manifold and reduce engine life. Fitting an EGR blank off kit will ensure no carbon build-up and allow a full flow of fresh air into your engine increasing performance and engine life .